NAVFAC Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the FAQ's for using the NAVFAC Templates, Reports and CUPB Databases:

  • Q: Can I assign the Prime Contractor to a Detail Item Assignment in the NAVAC Template?

    A: No, the Prime Contractor should only be assigned to the "Project Level" of the Project Tree and not to any Detail Item Assignments. Use the Level Properties pop-up.

  • Q: If I created an estimate without using the NAVFAC Template, can I print the NAVFAC Reports?

    A: Yes, but you first must import the Navy Properties in the estimate. Select "Tools Import" and then select the "4.0 Navy Properties.DBF" file from the Success\ReportData folder. Some of the NAVFAC Reports may give you erroneous information since you did not use the NAVFAC Template format.  



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