What's New with the Success Estimating System


New Features in Success4 Version 4.2

  • Success now fully supports Seagate Software's Crystal Report Writer.

  • Success contains a fully integrated ODBC driver (SuccessODBC) for printing reports created with the Crystal Report Writer. Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) provides a universal database connectivity application-programming interface (API) that enables applications to directly access Success project data.

  • A reporting option allows you to turn off the output of DBF print tables. The print tables are no longer needed when printing reports that use the SuccessODBC driver.

  • Added a "Recently used file list" option to the Tools General tab, allowing for 0 to 9 files to be listed on the File menu.

  • Tools/Options for Setting a Backup Folder.

  • Added the Move Up/Down buttons to the default toolbar.

  • Added an option in the Tools/Options area to allow for the specification of default entries for fields when creating a new category record. Adds the ability to specify a default value for each field in each category to be used when the user adds a new record of that category type.

  • Improved the Project Update to allow for the updating of everything (matches the capabilities of the macro). Also added the capability to Update File Properties, both Summary and Custom from another project. Added "All" and "None" buttons for easier update option selections.

  • Added the ability to add or delete the default File/Properties/Custom fields.

  • Added the ability to add custom buttons to the Success toolbar. This function would be similar to the function found in Microsoft Word or Excel. This includes the capability to associate a custom button to a macro, Excel spreadsheet, Word document, Success project or database, etc.

  • TakeoffTool takeoff results may be sent to a Variable thereby allowing a single takeoff object to target multiple takeoff quantities.

  • Added the ability to "lock" a context-based grid or popup on its current parent.

  • Allows multiple copies of each popup viewer to be displayed.

  • The script editor (available only if AutomationTool has been purchased) has a new button to access the reference guide for AutomationTool.




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